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Heading out


The dynamic duo on the road again

The dynamic duo on the road again

Friday, 28 November 2008


Taos, New Mexico  –  Kingman, Arizona

John Lennon serenaded us on the stereo as our van barreled across the SouthWest.  We sped past buttes with terracotta slides of stones that looked like giant lizards shedding their scales.  A cold front was descending from Colorado, quietly rolling out a layer of heavy clouds.  Between the grey-green sagebrush dusted with snow and the grey clouds that laid like a fluffy blanket over the land, we slipped out of place — out of our place in northern New Mexico  — without Father Sun seeing us.  In the dark of the New Moon we stole away from our home, and launched ourselves on a new mission.

We left our perch on the high desert mesa, to descend into the big, turbulent world and a seething sea of humanity.

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Maxwaluna, the "magic mountain" of Taos

Thanksgiving 2008             New Moon            Taos, New Mexico  USA

The house is empty, or nearly so as we pack up the last of it.  Through the vacant house echo sounds of news reports on the TV:  terse reports of terrorists attacking in several locations in Mumbai… the iconic Taj Majal Hotel has suffered explosions and is on fire, where the terrorists are holding Westerners hostage  At least 178 dead and hundreds wounded……  In Bangkok hundreds of people have taken over the airport … demanding the resignation of the prime minister ….  the airport is closed, leaving thousands of travellers stranded….

A wave of terrorism in India …. a coup in Thailand, as James and I prepare to leave for those very places.  Leaving the security and comfort of this welcoming house, this tribe of people that recognizes us, this community that has cradled us for 3-1/2 years, and of course Maxwaluna (Taos Mountain) who put us through trials and bountiful blessings.  I look out over the mesa to the horizon where the sun is setting.  I chant the sun down one last time, overcome with gratitude for this home we have so loved.

There is no doubt we must make this pilgrimmage to India.  James and I comply with the guidance of our art project, Venus and Her Lover, for we have been shown a hundred times that a greater wisdom leads us to realms beyond our wildest dreams.

New moon.   One cycle ends.    A new cycle begins.   Come along …



Our departure from Taos was by the skin of our teeth, and might not have been possible at all without the generosity-in-action of our dear friends…. Jean, Ana, Dabo, Jura & Peter, Kirk, Randy & Jennifer,  Robin, Charlie & Holly, and the rest of you …. who showed up to pack boxes, or help clean, or brew tea, or offer comfort.  With James somewhat incapacitated from his knee surgery, we were both pushed to our physical limits and beyond.  As hard as the moving-into-storage and preparing for our journey was, it was more than mitigated by the outpouring of love, the words of gratitude, and physical help you gave.  I felt like I was living in an Amish community and we all came together for the barn-raising.  Thank you, Tribe!  You know what it means to be in community.

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